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Summer 2023

Exterior Photograph of Sparty Mascot walking in Times Square

AD+PR Student Suits Up to Carry on Sparty Legacy

The Sparty Mascot Program is one of the many organizations students can be involved in on Michigan State University’s campus. Students who fit the height requirements can try out to help carry on…[read more]

PR Students Discuss Work as Ambassadors for Big Brands

For many AD+PR students, field experience takes the form of a formal internship, but for 2023 graduating PR seniors, Kennedy Giles and Avery Tyson, diving into the world of social media and branded content was…[read more]

Three people pose for a photograph

Special Topics Event Production Course Prepares AD+PR Students for Careers

The Department of Advertising + Public Relations features many special topics courses throughout each academic year, meant to give students skills and knowledge that will supplement the material taught in major-specific courses. In the spring 2023, students had the opportunity to…[read more]

Portrait of a woman

AD+PR’s Civic Infrastructure Lab Promotes Collaborative Exploration Through Research

When students hear the word “research,” they may think of scientists in lab coats, mixing chemicals and measuring precise values to determine the likelihood of a reaction. However, this isn’t always the case… [read more]

Finding Career Connections Through MSU Elite Dance Team

“Year after year I have been wondering what I will do when my dance career ends. It got me thinking, as an undergraduate discovering my future path, what experiences can I use to my advantage? From extracurricular sports to student-led clubs, the connections I make can be used to develop strong foundations for…” [read more]

Special #SpartanStrong Issue

Following the violence our Michigan State University campus community experienced in February 2023, many original content plans for The Brief’s SS23 PR 320 student editorial team were no longer feasible or appropriate.

In that event, writers took alternate approach developing PR stories about themselves as students in our AD+PR community. For those students who found it healing or helpful, content focus shifted to experiences resulting from our campus violence, in classes the week after, access to departmental/campus resources or support, or involvement in campus and/or community events – especially those related to and connected with the Department of Advertising + Public Relations.

Click Here to view the Special #SpartanStrong Issue