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How To Stay Involved With AD+PR From Home

How To Stay Involved With AD+PR From Home

AD+PR Senior, Kala Watson Explains How Students Can Be Involved and Gain Experience

By: Joe Savastano

The COVID-19 pandemic has kept many students at home for over a year, and many away from campus and each other. Students should take heart because there are still many ways to be involved in campus life and connected to the Department of Advertising + Public Relations.

Kala Watson is an advertising management senior who has made the most out of the many opportunities available to her. She has worked numerous jobs within the Department of AD+PR throughout her time at MSU and advocates for students to try and do the same.

“There are a lot of different clubs and organizations that students can definitely still be a part of,” said Watson. “The opportunities in our department are really beneficial and if you really want to learn and grow, definitely go for them.”

AD+PR students have many opportunities to gain experience in professional work settings while utilizing their knowledge from the classroom. The department offers students a variety of opportunities, from work on its e-publication and social media accounts, to work on the new student integrated marketing agency, 42SEVEN.

Watson has achieved an AD+PR experience trifecta. She first worked as a social media assistant for the Department of AD+PR as a sophomore, which she says was also her first practical experience in the field and within the university. Following this position, she was a member of The Brief’s editorial team, telling AD+PR stories through the e-publication.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, she began working as a founding member of 42SEVEN, where she is a project manager. Even though the work is all virtual, Watson says things are business as usual.

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“We have weekly ZOOM meetings with the team and our faculty,” Watson said. “It’s very productive, we’re very interactive and we know how to have fun, but also be able to get the work done.”

The virtual aspect is refreshing to Watson, and says she believes the interaction between her fellow workers and the faculty over ZOOM is a valuable experience unto itself, as companies may still be virtual in the near future.

Students can check out their weekly “AD+PR News You Can Use” email (developed each week by the students of 42SEVEN) for more information about opportunities to stay connected. To learn more about 42 North, students can email or contact Alexandrea Thrubis Stanley to learn more about the agency and their future endeavors.