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AD+PR Welcomes New Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Scholar

AD+PR Welcomes New Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Scholar

Assistant professor, Edward Timke’s, personal journey informs his student connections
By: Miles Sloan
MSU Photo Credit: Michigan State University

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Advertising + Public Relations assistant professor, Edward Timke, received his bachelor’s degree at MSU studying international relations and French.

As an MSU alumnus, Dr. Edward Timke jumped at the chance to teach at his alma mater in the College of Communications Arts and Sciences. His focus is on diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB), with the goal to provide a home for students from all backgrounds during their time at MSU.

Timke’s journey to DEIB began with him noticing differences in background between himself and others as a child. He says he learned the importance of understanding everyone’s unique characteristics, as well as respecting and appreciating each person for who they are.

“I’ve felt connected with those who might be different,” Timke said. “It might be someone of a different religion or a different background. The more I learned about intercultural communication and culture, I found there is something to be proud of. It is not that difference is wrong, it is about how difference is treated.”

Before coming to MSU, Timke spent his time teaching and mentoring students at Michigan Learning Research Institution, Duke University and the University of California, Berkeley. During his tenure, Timke published multiple research articles focusing on DEIB in the advertising field, disability, race and sex/gender.

While teaching at MSU and DEIB holds a significant role in his life, Timke also values his time spent collecting ephemera, his cats, preparing for marathons (he’s competed in five full marathons), and dedicating time to creating papier-mâché figurines and statues.

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During his interactions with faculty and students at various institutions, Timke says he considers MSU his home because of the humble and strong ethics many students possess in and out of the classroom.

When asked about the imprint he wants to leave on his students, Timke says he wants to create a welcoming environment where students are independent and brave enough to ask for help. In his first year on the Department of Advertising + Public Relations faculty, Timke’s work at MSU and contributions to its DEIB agenda is already making a powerful impact on the lives of his students, especially those who may feel isolated or unheard.

“I hope that every day, every class and every interaction I can help my students bring the best out of themselves while feeling supported,” said Timke. “I want students to feel they are getting stuff done on their own, but I do not want them to be afraid to ask for help.”