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Entrepreneur and AD+PR Instructor, Rose Tantraphol, Mentors PR Students as New PRSSA Advisor

Entrepreneur and AD+PR Instructor, Rose Tantraphol, Mentors PR Students as New PRSSA Advisor

By Hadley Kerr
Campus Photo Credit: Michigan State University

As a successful business owner and AD+PR instructor, Rose Tantraphol is invested in cultivating the next generation of PR professionals. Beginning in fall 2020, Tantraphol is putting her skills and experience to work as new faculty advisor for the MSU chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America. In this role, Tantraphol focuses on ways the executive board can work together to maximize the organization’s benefits for chapter members.

PRSSA is the student version of the Public Relations Society of America. The organization is for students interested in pursuing a career in public relations. Organizations like PRSSA can not only help students connect with their peers, department and college, but also help them grow their professional network and, more recently, prepare for an unprecedented job search.

Rose Tantraphol is an AD+PR professor, business owner and new PRSSA faculty advisor.

Tantraphol’s background in public relations, journalism, politics and health care allows her to have a wide range of knowledge in different industries. In 2015, she founded her own marketing, communications and branding agency called Moonsail North, focused on storytelling and strategy to help innovators communicate and grow.

“My background as an entrepreneur allows me to see the entire ecosystem of the integrated communications process. I hope to bring this holistic approach to my mentorship as faculty advisor,” said Tantraphol.

Tantraphol joined PRSA as a young professional. She says the organization provided her with numerous resources to succeed as a professional – from workshops and networking opportunities, to exposure to case studies. Tantraphol says you don’t need to wait to graduate to have access to those resources, and encourages all students who are interested in a career in public relations or integrated communications to join PRSSA.

Members of PRSSA have opportunities to participate in agency and company tours, resume and cover-letter workshops, meetings with public relations industry leaders, and networking events. The organization is led by a student executive board that is vote-appointed each year. As faculty advisor, Tantraphol guides the executive board’s vision for the organization.

“It’s a gift to me that I get to work with students,” said Tantraphol. “As a professor, I see firsthand how much students juggle, and the pressure that they put on themselves to succeed. My day-to-day interaction with students helps me to stay current with what’s going on in their lives.”

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Tantraphol says staying curious and finding trusted mentors can help students thrive in the competitive field of public relations.

“Always continue to evolve, learn and change,” said Tantraphol. “Public relations is a fast-paced and ever-changing industry. In order to stay viable, it’s important to adapt and pivot when needed. Especially during the uncertain times we are living through now.”

Due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, all activities and meetings of PRSSA for the fall semester are virtual. To learn more about PRSSA and how to join visit