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2018 Studio Crawl

2018 Studio Crawl

By Genevieve StJean and Nareh Vartanian

As a range of communications professionals and students stepped into agency spaces in the Lansing area, you could see the excitement on their faces and the creative energy. Before the event began, creative professionals from agencies were laying out marketing materials, preparing their space, and gathering snacks to give participants as they passed through. The first student walked in, and the Studio Crawl began.

On Thursday, Oct. 18, 114 participants headed to the Lansing area for the annual Studio Crawl. The event was hosted by the Mid-Michigan Creative Alliance and included eight different agencies that specialize in mass communications. The purpose of the crawl was to show students and professionals how an agency runs and what the creative spaces look like.

“I’m hoping to meet other people who are in the advertising major and also take a look at potential places of employment,” said creative advertising junior Shaun Hayes.

Participants could take the day at their own pace, choosing the order of the agencies they wanted to visit in the two-hour span. The studios ranged from full-service agencies to specific services such as video, design or public relations.

One of the agencies on the crawl was CiesaBlend, which focuses on more traditional advertising with young and experienced professionals, and its parent agency, CiesaDesign, which does full-service marketing.

“I loved CiesaDesign and CiesaBlend because I like the concept of bringing in young, recent graduates and experienced professionals to blend together,” said Aubrey Haas, an advertising management student.

Although most of the agencies are walking distance from one another, Addis Enterprises lives on the outskirts of the Lansing area. They are a full-service design and marketing firm committed to a fully in-house development process.

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“I liked Addis Enterprises because they were a personable and encouraging team,” said creative advertising sophomore Rebecca Sharpe. “Everyone we talked to was happy to give us their time and show us what they’ve been working on, as well as give us advice and information about the field.”

After the Studio Crawl, participants had a chance to attend the Afterglow, which was an opportunity for crawlers to network with professionals from the participating agencies. Students also received portfolio reviews and free headshots for their LinkedIn profiles. The evening ended with a raffle consisting of prizes from Apple, and food from the hosting venue, Lansing Brewing Company.

Thank you to the participating agencies: Addis Enterprises, Ahptic Film & Digital, CiesaDesign, Gravity Works, Güd Marketing, Martin Waymire, Moonsail North and Traction.