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Mackenzie Stoy Helps Fellow Students through AD+PR’s Creative Center at MSU

Mackenzie Stoy Helps Fellow Students through AD+PR’s Creative Center at MSU

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By: Lindsey Hyams

Mackenzie Stoy, advertising creative major and graphic design minor, has started a new chapter at Michigan State University: putting her knowledge and experience to work for fellow students through the Creative Center at MSU.   

“I am an art director, where I help students with the art direction of their projects,” said Stoy. 

Stoy says her professors in the Department of AD+PR helped her build her resume and recommended her for the job at the Creative Center at MSU, a place for students who need design help in advertising and graphic design classes.  

I think Mackenzie has bold ideas and then the design skill to visualize those ideas competently. When she’s engaged, then she’s really engaged,” said Ross Chowles, AD+PR professor of practice.  

As one of the student art directors, Stoy works directly with students to help them build their portfolios and create their class projects. She said that she can create advertisements visually.  

During Stoy’s time at MSU, she says she’s taken advantage of the many resources of the Department of Advertising + Public Relations and the College of Communications Arts and Sciences to help make her what she is today. 

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“The first couple of graphic design classes taught me a lot, so now I am capable of applying those techniques into my work,” Stoy said. “[My time with AD+PR] has shown me exactly what I want to do career-wise, and I couldn’t be happier with my decision.” 

She says she has used her class experience to both build her portfolio and become familiar with programs like Adobe. She now applies these techniques at the Creative Center, doing things like creating digital advertisements. 

Over the past few years, Stoy and her twin sister, who inspired her interest in graphic design, have started building their social media presences. Stoy is focused on complementing her coursework through her work at the Creative Center and her own social media. The Stoy sisters share an Instagram called Matched Maven, and Mackenzie also has an Instagram portfolio called Mackenzie Stoy Designs.

The Creative Center is an AD+PR student-run resource equipped with talented student copywriters and art directors willing to help students with portfolio work, class projects, learning Adobe suite and more. Free to students, the center is fully online and operates by appointment Tuesday – Thursday from 4 p.m. – 8 p.m. To schedule an appointment, complete the Google Form, or email