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Alumnus and Edelman VP, Nick Lucido, Shares How Industry is Adapting with COVID-19

Alumnus and Edelman VP, Nick Lucido, Shares How Industry is Adapting with COVID-19

By Kaitlyn Kramer

Businesses globally are facing challenges due to impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. The remote-working style and the ability to virtually collaborate have empowered companies like global communications firm, Edelman, to continue to evolve, promote and protect the brands of their clients. Nick Lucido, Edelman vice president of Global Brand Practice and a graduate of AD+PR, shared some insight on how the company has adapted during these difficult times and what the business is doing to continuously support their clients.

In June, the organization had to let employees go due to budget cuts as a result of COVID-19. Many of Edelman’s clients are in industries that have been deeply affected by the pandemic, such as hotel chains, airlines and retail. At this time, the Edelman offices have shifted to a remote format due to the virus. The offices in the United States are still working virtually, although some of the international offices, such as China, are back to work in person.

“It’s hard not being in the office and not drafting off the energy from other people,” said Lucido. “The remote-office culture is different, and you must now create the energy on your own and in a virtual setting. Although the energy may be different, the online format has presented new possibilities.”

A few months later, Lucido says Edelman is now gradually bringing on more clients and heading in a positive direction as the industry works toward a new normal. In the future, Lucido speculates the public relations and marketing fields might adopt a hybrid work model where there is flexibility to work from home or from the office.

“There are new things clients are looking for and new opportunities. It is an interesting time to be meeting new people and figure out ways of working. We try to be really honest and really human about the whole thing. It makes you have a better relationship with your clients,” said Lucido.

Lucido continues to support his alma mater by serving on the Professional Advisory Board of the Department of Advertising + Public Relations. Lucido’s advice to AD+PR students is to consider the possibilities that are coming from the ability to work remote and do freelance work.

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“There’s so many more opportunities for virtual internships and experiences, and you are able to do that from East Lansing or wherever else you are. So I think there is a lot of opportunity,” said Lucido.

AD+PR’s Professional Advisory Board offers virtual office hours, in which students can schedule ZOOM meetings with board professionals to talk one-on-one about everything from coursework to job searches. Check out the AD+PR social media channels for news and information related to PAB Office Hours and more.