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Department of AD+PR Gives Students an Inside Look at Agencies

Department of AD+PR Gives Students an Inside Look at Agencies

Networking Opportunities Give Students an Edge Over Peers

by Sierra Hole

The Department of Advertising + Public Relations provides a wide range of opportunities for students to learn, network and advance professionally, but perhaps the most valuable are the opportunities to visit established companies in the field. Both the MSU Advertising Association and the ADV 402 Field Experiences are giving students a chance to visit companies and meet with professionals all over the country.

Every year, AD+PR faculty lead trips to various cities, where students visit companies and attend networking events. These Field Experiences bring students to Chicago, New York and Detroit annually. The trips are typically only a few days long, but are packed with plentiful chances to learn and network.

“Students have a chance to meet with 12 to 16 employers within four days and they don’t have to do any of the work to do that besides sign up,” said AD+PR professor of practice, Andrew Corner, M.A., APR.

Andrew Corner, AD+PR professor of practice and leader of New York City and Chicago Field Experiences.

Corner also serves as Advertising + Public Relations director of undergraduate studies and director of the Public Relations Minor. He is credited with creating the annual Field Experiences along with Ellis N. Brandt Professor of Public Relations, Dr. John Besley.

Students receive college credit for participating in this program, which requires attendance at all meetings and on-site events. ADV 402 counts toward the Public Relations Minor. These experiences are also great ways for current students to network with MSU alumni. Companies visited on the Field Experience trips are largely based on alumni connections. The program also includes an alumni social for students to meet with alumni in the designated city.

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The MSU Advertising Association is another way for AD+PR students to not only get involved, but also have another chance to visit companies related to their field. MSUAA holds meetings every other week in addition to hosting networking events, fundraisers and social events throughout each semester. Members of the organization can get points by attending events, and at the end of the semester, the students with the most points are selected to attend the advertising agency tour. MSUAA travels to Detroit every fall semester and Chicago every spring.

Carly Buell, president of MSU Advertising Association and advertising management senior.

“Our members get a glimpse of what their job in advertising will actually look like when they graduate,” said Carly Buell, president of MSUAA and advertising management senior. “They have the opportunity to see real advertising campaigns and meet the people who made them.”

Students can find the Field Experience by searching for ADV 402 on Schedule Builder, or through email promotions that are sent out every semester. To get involved with MSU Advertising Association, simply show up to meetings. More information about meetings can be found at or by visiting the Facebook or Instagram page.