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Alumna’s Career Blends Passion for Fashion, PR and Politics

Alumna’s Career Blends Passion for Fashion, PR and Politics

For Mone’ Ross, project manager at U.S. Coast Guard, Cyber Command, it all started with a PR specialization and an internship in Washington, D.C.

By: Logan Hoover

Mone’ Ross, a 2013 MSU alumna and AD+PR Professional Advisory Board member, found her way to Washington, D.C after getting her bachelor’s degree in communications and specialization in public relations. She interned with the House of Representatives, aiding Democratic Representative, Elijah Cummings. In 2014, Ross was offered a full-time job as a project manager with the House of Representatives. She was accepted into Georgetown University in 2015, where she began working toward her master’s degree in public relations. She attended school while working as a senior analyst with the Department of Homeland Security. In spring of 2019, she took on her current position with the U.S. Coast Guard, where she is part of the project management team of Cyber Command. 

For Ross, the most valuable advice is what she says she would have wanted to hear as a student: something to help underclassmen still struggling to find their career path.

“March to your own drum, do your own thing, throw your head into every opportunity you can while you’re in college,” said Ross. “Join nonprofits, study abroad, find your hidden passions and take advantage of the resources at MSU.”

Ross says it’s critical to uncover your passions both as a student and a professional.

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“Find out what makes you happy and tap into that,” said Ross. “It’s a continuous process that will lead you to your perfect future,” Ross said.

At MSU, Ross discovered her passion for thrifting and creating new pieces of clothing from the old. She and her friends used to go to local thrift stores, and she would custom tailor their treasures with her sewing machine. She says she plans to further pursue her passion for sustainable design by donating dresses to black communities in need.