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The Exclusive MSU Advertising and Public Relations Tour

The Exclusive MSU Advertising and Public Relations Tour

A navigational guide to the who’s who in the department of AD+PR

By: Kala Watson
ComArts Building Photo Credit: Michigan State University

Welcome. We are going to take a tour of the Department of Advertising + Public Relations, located on the 3rd floor of the Communication Arts & Sciences Building. My name is Kala and I will be your tour guide, today. This mini tour is designed to help you as students, alumni, parents and others to know where AD+PR faculty are located and their specialization. Please remain seated and if you have questions, email our departmental office assitant, Arianna O’Rourke (

Our first stop will be Alexandrea Thrubis Stanley’s office in Room 326. Thrubis Stanley is an instructor who specializes in public relations which is the relationship between an image/company and the public. Other department PR faculty include:

  • Andrew Corner (Rm. 373)
  • Robert Kolt (Off-campus Office)
  • Barbara Lezotte (Adjunct Office)
  • Teresa Mastin (Rm. 309)
  • Amanda Vasas (Adjunct Office)

Next, we’ll swing over to Room 327 to visit Greg Taucher. Taucher is a professor of Practice who bring years of agency experience to the department. Our department is filled with many advertising faculty members including:

  • Janice Bukovac-Phelps (Rm. 325)
  • Mitch Crank
  • Pat Huddleston (Rm. 317)
  • Michal Lorenc
  • Jef Richards (Rm. 506)
  • Rose Tantraphol
  • Tiffany Wahl
  • Kristen Wilkerson

Our third stop of this tour will be Room 315, the office of Fashina Alade. Alade is an assistant professor specializing in health communication, the study of informing/influencing decisions and actions to improve health. Other department health communication faculty include:

  • Morgan Ellithorpe (Rm. 369)
  • Bree Holtz (Rm. 329)
  • Anna McAlister
  • Nancy Rhodes (Rm. 377)
  • Nora Rifon (Rm. 316)
  • Ashley Sanders-Jackson (Rm. 367)

Next, we’ll head down to Room 319, the office of Anastasia Kononova. Kononova is an assistant professor who focuses on media and technology. Other media and technology faculty include:

See Also

  • John Besley (Rm. 378)
  • Derek Mehraban (Off-campus Office)
  • Dar Meshi (Rm. 324)
  • Allie Siarto (Off-campus Office)
  • Kjerstin Thorson (Rm. 311)

We are going to turn to Ross Chowles’ office in Room 328. Chowles is a Professor of practice on the creative side of the department, focusing on art direction/design. Our many other creative-focused faculty include:

  • David Regan (Rm. 318)
  • Lou Schiavone (Rm. 362)
  • Paula Storrer (Rm. 331)
  • Gary Topolewski (Adjunct Office)
  • Maral Zakharia (Rm. 320)

Next on our tour, we have our department graduate students. If you are a student who plans on continuing their education within AD+PR, I recommend reaching out to these graduate students for advice:

  • Robyn Adams (Rm. 541)
  • Yingying Chen (Rm. 579)
  • Dan Henley (Rm. 550)
  • Kristen Lynch (Rm. 332/578)
  • Mengyan Ma (Rm. 541)
  • Nikki Mcclaran (Rm. 542)
  • Melanie Medeiros (Rm. 542)
  • Aziz Muqaddam (Rm. 577)
  • Iago Santos Muraro (Rm. 568)
  • Katie Murray (Rm. 578)
  • Hana Na
  • Dominik Neumann (Rm. 251)
  • Ruth Osoro (Rm. 577)
  • Craig Tucker
  • He Xian (Rm. 579)

Our last stop on the tour will be Room 309, the AD+PR central office. Here, you can find Arianna O’Rourke (the one who send us friendly emails about things happening with the department) and Chairperson, Dr. Teresa Mastin. Other office staff include:

  • Nancy Ashley (Rm. 340)
  • Marianna Shipman (Rm. 298)
  • Joni Tucker (Rm. 310)
  • Deb Waters (Rm. 209)