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Jada Flowers: An Advocate for Change in AD+PR and Beyond

Jada Flowers: An Advocate for Change in AD+PR and Beyond

This junior creative advertising student is doing her part to make a difference at MSU

By: Kala Watson
Campus Landscape Photo Credit: Michigan State University

Jada Flowers is on mission to invoke change within the Department of Advertising + Public Relations. The junior creative advertising major has many roles on campus, serving as a facilitator for MSU Dialogues and vice president of On the Rise Entertainment (a registered student organization). She also holds an on-campus job as a research assistant to AD+PR Chairperson, Dr. Teresa Mastin. Flowers’ role as a research assistant, which fosters a productive mentor-mentee relationship with Mastin, has molded her MSU experience. It also inspired her to want to make a difference.

“AD+PR has shaped my journey as a Spartan by giving me a campus home, a professional mentor and a research opportunity, which contributed to both my personal growth and self-efficacy,” said Flowers.

Jada Flowers Photo
Jada Flowers, junior creative advertising major.

Flowers’ experience encouraged her to dig deeper into bringing a student perspective into the continued growth of AD+PR. As a student, she says she would like to see greater diversity among faculty and higher-education students, and a continued focus on career-centered programs and resources. She feels there is an opportunity for greater collaboration between the department/college and campus RSOs.

“Many ComArts students make up a variety of RSOs on campus and it would be nice if the college made a concerted effort to highlight and support these organizations,” said Flowers.

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Though she has not started working on these particular topics yet, Flowers is working with Mastin and other students in starting an AD+PR Pipeline program for high school students to have a semester/summer preview of the learning experience they will get in AD+PR.

Flowers encourages students to take advantage of the many opportunities offered through the department, observe signage around the buildings, and not to be afraid to meet new people because there are so many resources to help them in their college journeys and future careers.