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October 2022

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Emily Eiges, PR Junior, Excels as a Content Creator for The State News

Michigan State University students learn in their AD+PR courses that industry professionals are tasked with creating compelling content for everything from social media and advertising campaigns to newsletters and videos. [read more]

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AD+PR Professional Advisory Board’s Bree Balogun Discusses Pathways to Success in AD+PR

Bree Balogun is an MSU alumna who has worked her way up to vice president of account management at Revolt TV. She is also a new member serving on the Department of Advertising + Public Relations’ Professional Advisory Board. [read more]

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AD+PR Scholarships Encourage Students to Pursue Excellence at MSU and Beyond

Michigan State University’s Department of Advertising + Public Relations is one of the most prominent programs across the country. Each year, more than a thousand students journey through their coursework as future professionals thanks to…[read more]

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AD+PR Assistant Professor Collaborates with GBH to Study Inclusive Children’s Media

Fashina Aladé is an assistant professor at MSU’s Department of Advertising + Public Relations, studying effects of media on children, guided by developmental psychology and early childhood education. She was awarded a GBH Educational Foundation Grant to fund research into…[read more]

LA to MSU: Undergrad Makes the Most of AD+PR Far from Home

For Los Angeles-native Kelly Delgado, Lake Lansing and the Red Cedar River being the closest bodies of water was quite an adjustment. The Pacific Ocean was her next-door neighbor back home, but she now finds herself in Michigan, surrounded by…[read more]