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October 2021

young woman with long black hair sitting in a field in overalls

How MSU AD+PR Students Get Paid To Get Their Degrees

As students enter college, they are aware that spending money is a lot easier than earning it. Most would never think they could earn money for pursuing their specific degree. MSU’s Department of Advertising + Public Relations offers a variety of scholarships to assist students…[read more]

Photo of the Oculus logo

MSU’s Cedar Banks Pitches Ad Campaigns to Major Clients

For many students, working on an advertising campaign for a prominent company may seem out of reach. But for MSU’s American Advertising Federation chapter, Cedar Banks, that task is actually attainable while still in school. Each year the organization is assigned a national client and given a case study…[read more]

Woman with braids in a work call at home.

Why Now is an Exceptional Time to be an AD+PR Graduate

Many of us are back to work and on campus after time in a heavily virtual world. Within the time away from “in-person” life, many things changed, including the communications, advertising and PR job markets. Virtual, remote and hybrid work structures are now more common than ever before. [read more]

Lindsey Hyams (left) and Brianna Olszewski (right) created a network of their own after being inspired by the College of Communication Arts & Sciences and lack of fashion resources in Michigan.

MSU AD+PR Students Create Fashion Networking Outlet

When most people think of the fashion industry, their minds trail to New York City, Paris or Milan. Seldom do they think of the mitten state of Michigan, leaving students with an aspiring fashion career very little to network with. This problem became one to solve for advertising management and public relations alumna[read more]