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March 2019

Reflections of a Past Spartan to Current Spartans

Once a spartan, always a spartan.

This sentiment rings true for Nick Lucido, an advertising alumnus working in Chicago at Edelman, a global communications marketing firm.  [read more]

Fueling Success with Passion

It’s three o’clock in the morning, the time that is supposed to be quiet and calm. For Brian O’Connor, it’s the time frequently filled with chaos and stress. It’s the time that his phone might ring with an emergent situation from his job… [read more]


Hard Work Pays Off

As the judges finalize the scores for the 2018 competition, Michigan State University’s American Advertising Federation president Audrey Shaefer and her team huddle together, muttering their hopes into existence... [read more]

The Secrets Behind Human Behavior

While some researchers use vials and chemicals, Morgan Ellithorpe studies something a little closer to us: human behavior. To be more specific, she looks how the media impacts behavior, attitudes and health. [read more]

Where Are They Now? Spotlight: Benji Joung

Over the summer after my Junior year, I built the best portfolio (an online sample of creative work) that I could. Then, I wrote a personal letter to a creative director who I thought might like me and applied for an internship… [read more]

Where Are They Now? Spotlight: Madeline Guzzo

“Soak in as much as you can. Jump at every opportunity you’re given and keep learning and creating. You have so many resources at your disposal and so many creative minds surrounding you, the possibilities are endless!” [read more]

Student, Business Owner and Intern Finds Her Balance

When Gemma Darr decided to start her own company five years ago, it came as no surprise. As she explained: “I feel like I have always been an entrepreneur at heart, because when I was younger, I would make earrings and sell them at my mom’s garage sale and stuff like that…” [read more]