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January/February 2021

How Masks Went from Outcast to AD+PR Phenomenon

In a world where COVID-19 has made social distancing and hand-washing commonplace, the thought of leaving your house without a mask now seems strange. A catalyst for this broad acceptance of masks is thanks in part to AD+PR – taking them from a bland necessity to fashionable safety apparel. [read more]

AD+PR Inspires Students to Pursue Research Opportunities

When thinking about college research, academics dressed in bright-white lab coats staring into microscopes may come to mind. At Michigan State University, the reality is very different, with research on everything from consumer behavior to social media influencers. [read more]

AD+PR Alumna Finds Success in Chicago

The Windy City is a coveted destination for Spartan graduates. Being roughly only 200 miles away from campus, Chicago holds great opportunities for MSU alumni. However, the process of looking for a job is not always easy. Pre-pandemic, the post-graduation search could be difficult and lengthy. Despite all the challenges, AD+PR alumni are thriving. [read more]

Lisa GilpinFrom Money to Media: How this MSU Finance Alumna Grew a Social Media Career

Lisa Gilpin is currently the senior social media strategist for Cadillac at Leo Burnett. She has spent her career working through public relations and advertising, and with an MSU degree in finance, Gilpin’s career journey is quite unique. [read more]