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April 2022

Woman leaning again wall with Peacock NBC logo

PR Senior, Lauryn Love, Thrives in NBCUniversal Internship

Communications and public relations senior, Lauryn Love, landed a coveted internship at NBCUniversal in September 2021. The NBCUniversal Spring Internship Program allows students to work in real-life situations within media and entertainment, specifically NBC television programs, while strengthening…[read more]

Alumna Caroline Semler’s Dreams Come True with Disney Campaign

Finding the perfect balance between passion and career can be challenging for many graduating students. In the competitive world of advertising, joining the ideal agency or pursuing the perfect position can seem nearly impossible. Since graduating in 2020 from Michigan State University, Caroline Semler connects…[read more]

How Content and Research-based Curriculum is Shaping AD+PR Students

With the rise of social media, MSU’s Department of Advertising + Public Relations content and research-based curriculum has evolved to prepare students as future professionals. Today, PR students at MSU learn about ​​how social media users perceive social media content, and how PR experts can apply these perceptions to real-life situations. AD+PR assistant professor, Dr. Maria Molina, stresses the importance of…[read more]

Sophomore’s AD+PR Connections Foster On- and Off-campus Success

As students, we’re grateful when a faculty member or an advisor has prepared us for what is yet to come – whether it’s an internship, an eboard position at a campus student organization, or something as basic as interviewing skills. The AD+PR faculty and staff go above and beyond to make sure students are prepared to apply…[read more]

Man in front of building

How MSU AD+PR has Prepared Out-of-State PR Senior for Post-Grad

From job searching to learning new skills, and with much less guidance from advisors and professors, post-graduation life can be daunting. Luckily, for Michigan State University AD+PR students, their degrees and experiences arm them with a variety of tools and skills to ease the transition. Students like senior Public Relations Major, Joe Savastano…[read more]