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April 2021

ComArtSci Connect Networking Platform Links Students with Alumni

Students Put Education in Action Through New PR Field Experience Program

Fall 2020 brought an onslaught of challenges to the university, but one bright spot on campus was the beginning of the new Public Relations Major. One of the majors hallmarks is a 250-hour field experience requirement. Whether it is one intensive summer internship or a variety of public relations experiences, this aspect of the degree is designed to bridge the gap between the classroom and real-world scenarios. [read more]

Group of men in computer lab

Greek Life Helps AD+PR Student Make the Grade

Students around the world have drastically changed the way they approach their schoolwork since the global COVID-19 pandemic began. Online learning is the forefront of these changes, and it affects each student differently. Mason Kerecz is a sophomore who recently changed his career path by deciding to switch majors from human biology to public relations. [read more]

headshot of Megan Gopp

From Unpaid Intern to The Adventure Agency Founder

In July 2012, Megan Gopp was a recent Michigan State University advertising creative graduate, with a concentration in design, who had sent her resume to roughly 150 advertising agencies in Chicago. In efforts to break into the industry, she told companies that she would work for free. She said that the Windy City is where she knew she wanted to be, whether the agencies were hiring or not. [read more]